Year 2016


A motivational speech for classes VIII to XII was conducted by Brig. Suchit Bandyopadhyay AMC, HQB Bengal Area, (Teaching Faculty Professor: HOD in AFMC Pune for 10 years) in the school quadrangle on 23 August 2016

Year 2015

Workshop for Teachers

A week long 'In Service workshop' for teachers was organized by ARMY PUBLIC SCHOOL in the school auditorium from 29 June to 3 July, 2015 which comprised of a wide spectrum of learning activities. On the first day of seminar one of our school teachers (Mrs. Aparna Dutta) save a presentation on 'Onscreen marking system' (OSM) for our better understanding of the same. It was followed by Lt Col. Kaushik Roy Majumdar's workshop on 'First aid'. We were enlightened on the various cautions steps that one may take at times of crisis both for self and for students. The following day (30 June), Mr. Jhon Bose showed an informative presentation on 'Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation' (CCE) and 'tune spray' (CCE) . It was followed by CMDC (EC)'s workshop on Dental Health Care by May Gupta that enlightened our knowledge on oral hygiene. The prior day all the co-ordinators of our school made a presentation on the various techniques and attributes required for ensuring smooth co-ordination. After this the teachers attended an informative session on "Digi Class". On the final day of the workshop, the yoga instructor, Gurdeep Singh led us through a fruitful and refreshing yoga meditation session. The workshop ended with father Devraj Fernandez and Mrs. Angela on an encouraging and touching note with Fr. Devraj Fernandez inspiring words on hard work and passion for teaching.

Year 2015


An educational and motivational counseling session on "Career in the Indian Army", was held for the students of class XI, XII and their parents on 17th july 2014. It was conducted by Col Chanda and Col C.D. Singh. This interactive session gave the students the detailed information about the career and life in the Indian Army. The presentation motivated the students to join Army and helping them to clearly distinct between Army and Civil life and why Army is one of the most exciting career option available.