School Academic Calendar & Holiday List

Annual Calender for The Academic Session 2017-2018

Current Year Events/Activities
05-Apr-2017 Orientation For Class X
03-Apr-2017 New Academic Session Begins
07-Apr-2017 Orientation For Class XII
12-Apr-17 Inter House Quiz Competition
13-Apr-17 Orientation For Class-I
29-Apr-17 A Wes corps Day
03-May-17 Orientation For Class-V
09-May-17 Inter House Recitation Competition
09-May-17 to 18-May-17 Unit Test I For Class XII
19-May-17 Orientation For Class-XII
22-May-17 to 01-July-17 Summer Vacation/In Service Teachers' Training & Extra Classes For Class-XII
03-July-17 School Reopens
12-July-17 Inter House Debate
19-July-17 Inter House Western Music Competition
01-Aug-17 to 11-Aug-17 Unit Test I For Class XI
15-Aug-17 Independence Day
16-Aug-17 Investiture Ceremony
17-Aug-17 Inter House Group Song Competition
05-Sep-17 Teacher's Day
01-Sep-17 to 13-Sep-17 Sa I For Class I-X & Half Yearly For Class XI
14-Sep-17 Hindi Div As Celebration
25-Sep-17 to 07-Oct-17 Autumn Break
09-Oct-17 School Reopens
10-Oct-17 to 27-Oct-17 Half Yearly For Class-XII
22-Nov-17 to 06-Dec-17 Unit Test II For Class XI & Rehearsal Exam For Class XII
18-Dec-17 to 19-Dec-17 Annual Day
26-Feb 18 to 10-Mar 18 SA 2 FOR CLASS I to DC
20-Feb 18 to 06-Mar 18 ANNUAL EXAM FOR CLASS XI
20-Dec-17 to 01-Jan-18 Winter Break
02-Jan-18 School Reopens
O3-Jan 18 to l9-Jan18 PREBOARD FOR CLASS XII

List of Holidays 1jan 2018 - 31 dec 2018

SL. N0. Holidays Date Day of Week
1. Basant Panchami/Sarsswati Puja 02 Jul 2018 Monday
2. Republic Day 26 Jan 2018 Friday
3. Maha Sivaratri 14 Feb 2018 Wednesday
4. Holi (Dolyatra) 01 Mar 2018 Thursday
5. Mahabir Jayanti 29 Mar 2018 Thursday
6. Good Friday 30 Mar 2018 Friday
7. Buddha Purnima 30 Apr 2018 Monday
8. Idu'l Fitr 16 Jun 2018 Saturday
9. Independence Day 15 Aug 2018 Wednesday
10. Idul Zuha (Bakrid) 22 Aug 2018 Wednesday
11. Muharram 21 Sep 2018 Friday
12. Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday 02 Oct 2018 Tuesday
13. Dussehra (Vijaya Dashami) 19 Oct 2018 Friday
14. Diwali (Deepavali) 07 Nov 2018 Wednesday