Year 2014

Childrens' Day is celebrated in India every year on 14th of November to commemorate the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru .This year too A.P.S Kolkata indulged in a daylong merriment on this special occasion , which was celebrated with fun, frolic and jubilant enthusiasm ; and a vista of cultural programmes arranged by the teachers for their dear students , to give a respite to the monotony of daily school life . The day began with the morning assembly being conducted by the teachers. The children were then treated to a variety of cultural events staged in the school auditorium. This included a scintillating fusion dance performance by primary teachers, folkdance by middle school teachers , and rendition of toe tapping Hindi and English song medleys to name a few. But the students were most generously rewarded with an outstanding performance of a hilarious one-act play based on classroom situations; enacted by the teachers of the middle school. The eventful day came to an end with the children being offered sweets and stationeries as special tokens of remembrance.

Year 2015

TEACHERS DAY in APS Kolkata was celebrated with euphoric enthusiasm and fanfare on 4th of September 2015 wherein the students presented a kaleidoscope of cultural programmes in tune with the jubilant mood of their mentors. The programme commenced with a solemn tribute to Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan which was then followed by fusion dance, rock performance, and a short enactment of the role of great educators down the ages in the annuls of history to shape and nurture the destiny of the young generation. The hall resounded with the enthusiastic clapping of the teachers, accompanied by Principal Mam, as they basked in the enjoyment.

Teachers were showered with gifts, cards, mementos and flowers by students who decked up their classrooms with balloons, confetti and colourful festoons, and gave a special treat to their teachers with well decorated cakes and bouquet of flowers. They too in their own unique way felicitated a few of their mentors by awarding them with various citations, in acknowledgement of their dedication and commitment. Addressing the gathering, Principal Mam in her speech, urged the teaching fraternity to become an epitome of inspiration in the lives of students and leave an indelible impression on their young and sensitive minds for years to come.

The celebrations concluded with all the teachers being felicitated by the school management with special mementos which was followed by a sumptuous refreshment of coffee and lunch.