Army Public School Kolkata understands the need of the all-round development of the student's personality in making him/her fully equipped to face the world outside School. It is mandatory for all students of Classes V-X to choose one of the following co-curricular clubs that function weekly from the school premises during school hours.


Through out the year, the students of Nature Club cogitated , debated, researched and explored the various ways in which we , the people of the world , are misusing natural resources to our detriment and the ways we can actively prevent this. Our nature club teacher introduced us to this idea right at the beginning of the year, and thereafter we formed groups and set into action! We went around the school checking  for wastage of electricity and wherever we found classes wasting electricity , we ensured that the students realised their mistake and changed their bad habits . We went on expeditions within our BMC to learn about different types of plants and animals – the biodiversity – in this Army Camp.