Army Public School Kolkata understands the need of the all-round development of the student's personality in making him/her fully equipped to face the world outside School. It is mandatory for all students of Classes V-X to choose one of the following co-curricular clubs that function weekly from the school premises during school hours.


Through out the year, the students of Nature Club cogitated , debated, researched and explored the various ways in which we , the people of the world , are misusing natural resources to our detriment and the ways we can actively prevent this. Our nature club teacher introduced us to this idea right at the beginning of the year, and thereafter we formed groups and set into action! We went around the school checking  for wastage of electricity and wherever we found classes wasting electricity , we ensured that the students realised their mistake and changed their bad habits . We went on expeditions within our BMC to learn about different types of plants and animals – the biodiversity – in this Army Camp. 


The Music Club of APS Kolkata comprises the musical minds of the school who participate in almost all the major cultural events of the school. In this club our Music teacher , Debolina ma’am teaches us diverse songs like Bhajans, Nazams, Saraswati Vandana, Alankars as well as concepts about ‘Ragas’ , ‘Sur’, ‘Taal’ ‘Loy’ and so on.


Being the smallest in terms of student strength , this club is more of a family of like- minded, rhythm- loving souls , than a subject being taught in school .This club liberates our minds and spirits and makes up for all the monotony of the rest of the day.   


One of the most happening clubs of the school , the Debate and Dramatics Club is always humming with activities – be it writing scripts, rehearsing for plays and skits or getting into groups and passionately defending ones stand! Like other years, this year too, we learned new techniques of staging theatre of different kinds through innovative and creative role play and games. We also got to know about the elements of good debating , researching for content , preparing a draft, providing an arresting introduction as well as an impressive conclusion. The various activities of this Club not only offer an enjoyable and learning experience , they are great stress-busters as well.


It has been an eventful year for the students of the Journalism Club as we kept ourselves busy with a wide spectrum of activities. Time to time interviews of students were conducted. We prepared write – ups of different events conducted in school like Rabindra Jayanti , Independence Day, Republic Day, Teacher’s Day , Children’s Day, Investiture Ceremony and so on. We saw different audio- visual presentations of famous journalists , wrote different articles with photographs on important national and international events and made a model newspaper as the final project work.


The Art and Craft Club is the most colourful and exciting Club of the school. Our respected Shibendu Sir makes sure that we enjoy while working hard , so that at the end of the year we learn some amazing skills and techniques of art and craft – right from pencil shading to Rangoli making , from vase painting to glass painting.


Yoga is hailed all over the world as the perfect form of exercise to unite body and soul together, improve our general health and also cure many diseases .This year, under the guidance of respected Gurdeep Sir, the students of the Yoga Club learnt to perform the various ‘Asanas’ which make the body strong , healthy and flexible. Over and above this, they have learnt the ‘Pranayama’ or art of correct breathing and the ‘Yoga Nidra’ , which brings about a general feeling of relaxation by reducing the blood pressure, muscle tension and respiration rate. Students of this club have taken part in special programmes at the Annual Day and Annual Sports Meet of the school and have always garnered a great deal of appreciation from everyone.


The Roller Skating Club offers us enjoyment as well as special skills related to this sports. We have learnt basic skills of balance, movement and complex steps of sitting cross step, half camel, zigzag between the cones , jumping and landing on skates and so on . our coach , Victor Balmiki sir, teaches us with great patience and skills and encourages us continuously to perform better . we have many achievements in the various Inter School and State Level Events held through the year.


Football Club is the favourite club of all the boys in the school. Every boy wants to be in this club , hence our coach has to take a tough trial and the really talented and interested students are taken in this club. Through out the week , we wait for Friday , when our respected coach , Swarnendu Sarkar sir teaches us the importance of discipline, many unknown facts about football , such as – dribbling , passing , tackling and the techniques of scoring goals in tis club .Our sir teaches us to be confident in every situation , to be hopeful , and never lose focus in the game. Football teaches us discipline, increases our stamina and also helps us to acquire team spirit or ability to put the team before ourselves. We are taught in this club , that – together we can compete with any team if we stay united .


The Karate Club is also one of the most popular clubs of the school. Under the able tutelage of Sensei Harish Mondal , the students not only learn various skills- the ‘Kata’ and the ‘Kumita’ , but every year their learning is actually tested through the ‘Belt Exam’, after which they are awarded a coloured belt based on their calibre. It is very thrilling for us to graduate from one level to another – white, yellow, green , orange blue, purple, brown and finally the covet ‘Black Belt!’ We students are greatly indebted to Harish sir who teach us with great patience and care. We are proud to state that we have quite a few state and regional level competitors in our club.


The Dance Club of APS Kolkata is the most popular club amongst the girls of the school. Our respected Jhumur maam teaches with great care and patience and constantly encourages us to perform to the best of our ability. Our club is the most active club in the school too as the students prepare and perform for not only the regular programmes such as Independence Day, Rabindra Jayanti , Republic Day and Annual Day, but also for the inaugural event at many school programmes such as the Parent Orientation Programmes, the Principal’s Meet and so on. Over and above these , there are special Inter class and Inter House dance competitions in the school where we, the students of the Dance Club , perform. We are trained in the various classical and the folk dance formats. Each and every student in this club has to go through an annual evaluation process to become aware of her shortcomings.

12. QUIZ

It was a great year for the students of the Quiz Club . Students have  gained a lot of knowledge , new facts, information  on various topics from respected Ranjan Dutta sir during the classes